The Krag Empire had dominant worlds and had done experiments to make super soldiers. But one thing they did not count on was Ni're and the crew of the Ujima to try to stop them.

  • Submerge: The Chronicles of Ni're

    A Lady who is called Ni're, is down to nothing in her life except for the clothes on her back and her unborn child. She is chased by the Government and thrown into another world. Will she find out how to get out? It's only a matter of time.

  • Submerge: Frozen Land

    An unnamed man with no past battles the biting cold, while being pursued by a mysterious figure. He must unravel the secrets of this chilling realm to escape its frozen clutches. The pulse-pounding saga of the Submerge Universe presses on, weaving a tale of survival, discovery, and the relentless...

  • Submerge: Ni're Reborn

    Ni're is still trapped in the world of Submerge. Trying to get out of this world, she now runs into a seemingly unstoppable force.

    Will Raz the leader of the Vermillion Warriors prevent her from escaping? Will she find her daughter? The saga continues!

  • Submerge Blue Star

    4K Version

  • Submerge: Echo 51

    The Multiverse has been plagued by the Alien Empire, called the Krag, and their Submerge Experiments. The planet Echo has been left in ruins. Only one survivor remains, an alien woman called LYTE. One day she finds she is not alone, and her life is forever changed. The Saga continues!

  • Submerge Blue Star First Look Behind the Scenes

  • Cassandra Schomer BHS Interview 2023

    Going behind the scenes of Submerge: Blue Star with Actress Cassandra Schomer (Ni're). Prepare to get submerged!

  • Rachel Bowels Makeup Artist Submerge: Blue Star

  • Submerge: Krag Conquest ( The Animated Short)

    The Krag Empire's Commander Ka'tis and Lieutenant Commander Kil'Gunn have captured the Rebel, L'vandin. Their mission is far more insidious than anyone could have imagined.
    Tobias Sid John ... (writer/animator)
    Demetrius Witherspoon ... (story)
    Jerry Beasley​ ... Lt. Commander Kil'Gunn